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Captivating visual content


We are Mage Films, we connect with brands and influencers to produce video content for both parties. In age of social media and influence, we believe that the influencer is a brand in their own right.

However, many influencers either do not have the production capabilities or feel pressure from brands to produce high quality content. Brands are sometimes weary of commissioning large budgets to influencers as influencer marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing.


There are influencer marketing platforms out there, but none of them solely produce high end branded content between brands and influencers. They either produce videos on a much lower scale or they outsource their production.

Mage streamlines the entire process by minimising the parties involved. We work on brief with brand, connect with influencer and get it done.

No other agencies,

No outsourced production teams,

No confusion,

We do it all.


How we help

Our key focus is to create organic branded content for brands with influencers. We utilise the influencer’s social channels to ensure the content appears as if it were created by themselves. This serves as a way to make sure the ad does not appear interruptive within their social identity.

Influencer marketing is all about organic endorsement and it can be difficult for high end commercials to still appear to be  seamlessly integrated within an Influencer’s social channel.

We combat this with our creative ideation and expansive influencer network which a brand can carefully pick a choose from a large pool of talent in many niches.

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